Get New Puppy Detection Labels Before You Travel Along With Your Animals

I’ve always had pet identification tags on my animals. Unless these were in a crate the cats who never ventured out of the home had identification tickets. My dogs have their necessary rabies chance and labels on constantly, but they’ve always had one more puppy identification label just in case they ever got loose. Of course, all my pets have already been micro-chipped, too.But, to tell the truth, I never thought about if the information on these tickets will be of good use once we travel with this pets. Since a very sad story was heard by me from a friend who’s visiting Mexico for 3 months if my puppy got lost in a strange place far from home, how might somebody contact us while we are on the road?This thought has been going right through my head. She introduced her dog with her to Mexico, but never considered to change the info on her dog identification tag. A couple of days after her arrival, her favorite dog found a small exit in the trunk wall of her rental house and took off. Suddenly, she realized that the contact phone number on the dog’s id tickets were for her home in Canada. Not merely could it be unlikely that some one from Mexico may call Canada, but no one is there to get the call. Unfortunately, this responsible pet owner may never get her dog back because she didn’t think ahead and get new pet detection labels before she left home.The very first thing I did that morning was order a new label for my dog that contains our home telephone number, a number AND our email address. I may maybe not be able to get phone calls easily, and a may be unwilling or struggling to make a long-distance phone call, but a contact address may help return my puppy if he gets lost.Next time we travel, I’m planning to get new tags that ALSO provide the phone number for our location (specially if we’re traveling out of the country). If that’s no choice, I’ll put the phone number for a good friend who can get any phone calls for me, and help with the facts of helping me get my dog home.Traveling with pets can be considered a fantastic experience, but does require careful and comprehensive planning. Begin your journey by planning to get new pet recognition labels before you leave home.

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