Remaining in Numerous kinds of Guest Friendly Rooms in Pattaya Thaialnd may Be The Way to Go if You Like Picking right on up Females on Vacations

Many tourists who holiday in Pattaya – prefer to stay in a hotel that is guest friendly, as there are no joiner fees for bringing women back to your room for an over night stay and who would want to be charged extra for their room rates? There are actually quite a few guest friendly hotels to choose from and tourists who travel here often know which ones are and aren’t guest friendly.

Watch out for hotels that don’t state anywhere on their websites that they are GF, as they could potentially slug you with extra fees when you bring back a lady. Another thing that gets many tourists upset in Pattaya, is they pay for a room which states that it’s for 2 adults and they still charge for bringing ladies back to the room every night. If you try and reason with these kinds of hotels, you get nowhere and have to pay the extra fee, even though you originally paid for 2 adults. The hotels try to argue that if you pay for 2 adults and you first check in for that room as a single, then they feel as though they can charge you extra if you bring any women back to your room. It’s crazy logic and the hotels that are like this try to act as if they are dumb and don’t understand where you are coming from, but they know what’s going on and it’s all about scamming as much money as they possibly can out of you. Luckily, not all hotels are like this and there are a decent amount of GF hotels to satisfy the masses of Pattaya men and women who enjoy coming here to pick up women.

A good guest friendly hotel will have good feedback and it’s not hard to find unbiased reviews of just about any hotel in Pattaya. The best hotels to go for are ones that have had plenty of feedback and have been around for a while with consistently good feedback ratings. If there are too many negative feedback ratings, then it’s obvious that you shouldn’t be staying there and if there are no reviews or feedback at all for a hotel, then avoid this hotel completely.

A good GF hotel will require the lady that you bring back to your room to hand in her id and once they do this, it is usually photocopied to prevent the chances of being robbed whilst you are asleep or in the shower. Not only should a decent GF hotel photocopy your id, but they should have video surveillance too and this is a good deterrent for any lady who has bad intentions about coming back to your room.
Robberies do happen in Pattaya hotels and if you think you can not worry about it at all and if the unthinkable happens, you can just go to the police and all will be sweet, then you are quite mistaken. The police will always side with a Thai and if you go to them, they could possibly try to extort money out of you, as well as not investigate your robbery at all. It’s best to avoid anything like this potentially happening in the first place and just stay at a hotel that requires id and has surveillance. It is also a good idea to stay at a hotel which has security, as this is also a good deterrent for theft from your room.

A guest friendly hotel is also known as a Girl Friendly Hotel and it is the same thing, so always remember that when looking on the net for non joiner fee hotels.

Most first timers who travel to Pattaya – choose to stay somewhere nice and close to Walking Street, but it really doesn’t matter where you stay, as there is nightlife everywhere and the transport here is cheap and always available any time of the day or night.

So, keep the above information in mind when thinking of staying at a Pattaya guest friendly hotel, it could save you a whole heap of money for your next trip here and you could stay here for longer and do more things, such as drinking more and picking up more women.

Some hotels try to deceive their guests by not mentioning that they charge a joiner fee and when you stroll back to your hotel drunk with a lady, you are hit with a unwelcoming fee for them to stay with you. There are sneaky hotels which will try to put the charge on you and when you decide to leave early because of this, they don’t give your passport back until you pay the full amount of your original intended stay, so you need to watch for this when choosing a hotel.

If you are planning on a long stay in Pattaya and you don’t have a lot of many, then staying at a GF hotel is a must, as you will soon find out that the extra fee will add up fast and really dwindle away at your budget. Some non GF hotels charge excessively high joiner fees and they can be almost as high or as high as the room rate itself, so imagine having to pay double room rates every night?
The non guest friendly hotels are either greedy, or they are trying hard to not target single men and are instead trying to lure families to stay there. Both of those scenarios could be true, but in reality the hotels which charge the joiner fees, are just after more short term profits.
A good quick tip for finding a non GF hotel is to look at the hotel’s website and if there is any mention of a Compulsory Gala Dinner at New Years or Christmas, then you can almost certainly be sure that this hotel will charge joiner fees too. If you are unsure about a particular hotel’s joiner policy, then just send them an email before you book or pay a deposit, not after.

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