Antennas test

Test for Omnidirectonal 5GHz antennas.

For testing we chose three omni-directional antennas designed to operate in the 5GHz band
The test aims to verify the declared parameters and their usefulness in real conditions.
Tested WLAN equipment:
      * Omni Antenna Proxim Tsunami 10 dBi 5GHz
      * Gold Wireless omnidirectional antenna 12dBi 5GHz  SAG56012
      * Omni-Directional Antenna EnGenius Senao 12dBi 5GHz EAO5457

Other WLAN equipment used in testing

      * Panel Antenna 19dBi Elbox TetraAnt RSLL 5GHz
      * Routerboard RB433 (2 items)
      * Modules Wistron CM9 miniPCI radio (2 items)

Antennas are equipped with N-female connector.

During the tests a straight line distance between the antennas was ~ 3 km. No obstacles between the antennas.. Antennas, “saw the” power radio modules was set to default values 18dBm. Device worked under the supervision of a RouterOS 3.13 units worked in the following sets:

      * Panel Antenna 19dBi Elbox TetraAnt RSLL were connected to the 5GHz radio module Wistron CM9, which was installed on board RouterBOARD RB433. RB433 platform was closed in the Gold-AluBox case. The platform worked in the Client mode. Installation place was a balcony on the
eighth floor of the block (~ 25m).
      * On the other side of the radio link has worked well as a set-based RB433 with CM9 module. Connected to a set of omni-directional antennas have been tested. Kit worked in Access Point mode. The platform was installed on a 3km distant parking lot.

Test results:

The measurements on 5500 – 5700 MHz frequencies in 40MHz channel.

1. Proxim Tsunami 10 dBi 5GHz
Proxim Tsunami
2. Gold Wireless SAG56012 12dBi 5GHz
Gold Wireless
3. EnGenius Senao EAO5457 12dBi 5GHz

Frequency range [MHz] 5500 5540 5580 5620 5660 5700
Proxim Tsunami 10 dBi 5GHz -74 -76 -74 -75 -74 -74
Gold Wireless SAG56012 12dBi 5GHz -71 -72 -74 -77 -73 -76
EnGenius Senao EAO5457 12dBi 5GHz -75 -73 -74 -73 -74 -73


Test summary
      * Antenna Senao 12dBi EAO5457 characterized by higher profit from 1dB to 3dB higher than 10dBi antenna Proxim Tsunami which is consistent with paramtrami declared by the manufacturers.
      * In the lower range of the best exercises to Gold Wireless Antenna 12dBi SAG56012, however, persists in the upper ranges 10dBi antenna Proxim Tsunami of up to 2dB.
      * All antenna VSWR less than 1.4 in the band 5300 – 5700 MHz. As an acceptable value of VSWR shall be no more than 1.5.
      * Antenna Senao 12dBi EAO5457 is recommended because of the stable place performance, high earnings and very favorable cost performance ratio.

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