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At present, the Nike Barkley Posite Max record is 43 wins and 34 losses, West 7 wins 6 Warriors behind a 2.5 wins more than 8 jazz. Although the regular season is only five games, but the rocket’s first-round playoff opponent is not being formally identified. In theory, against the Thunder, the Spurs, the Nuggets and even the Clippers are possible. Clippers is currently ranked West, they lag behind the Nuggets two wins. If the Clippers played a good performance in the last five games, they wanted to go beyond the Nuggets increased to three. Rocket beyond the Warriors rose to 6, that they will encounter and the Clippers in the first round.
In Ingram, Nike Zoom KD V the only chance to break through the first round of the playoffs against the Clippers. Yes, the rocket is indeed a very passionate team to the playoffs will still be active, will be filled with the desire to compete, but they are very difficult to continue the passion will eventually stop at the first round of the barring Clippers Clippers coach Negro did not fully tap the potential of the players. Ingram said. Why not optimistic about the rocket into the second round? Ingram’s answer is: McHale. Playoffs than adjust the skill of the coach, but McHale has not felt the playoffs, he needs to adapt to the (coaching playoffs), which is a big drawback of the rocket if the Rockets in the playoffs touch the Nuggets, that series will be short. Ingram said.
This season, the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk in the regular season with the Nuggets encountered four times a record of 0-4, at a total defeat. Ingram does not have a clear prophecy of the end result, but from his speech can be seen, he may think the Rockets swept Denver in the playoffs, of course, provided that the two teams in the first round encounter. In addition, the Rockets this season, the Spurs record a 0-3 record of 1 win and 2 losses against the Thunder, the Clippers record of 1 win and 2 losses, are at a disadvantage. As in the reconstruction of a young team, they obviously at a disadvantage in terms of experience, and the playoffs in a certain sense, than is the experience, which also includes the the coach spot ability to command and tactical ability to adjust, rocket McHale in this regard is clearly not dominant.

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