Hotaru Bathtub From Japan Comes With Built-In LED Lights 341

Some people like to relax in the bathtub by turning on some slow and relaxing music, maybe fire up some bubbles and light some candles. However if that’s too traditional and clichéd for your liking, Japanese company Takeshita has announced a bathtub they are calling the “Hotaru”, and if you check out the video above, it’s actually a bathtub that comes with built-in LEDs that according to the company, will provide a “healing bath experience”, or whatever that means. Naturally the LED lighting will be waterproofed and will come with 7 different colors that users can choose from. For those interested in a more random experience, an auto mode is provided that will change the colors by itself.luoqiyin666

Capable to holding up to 350 liters, the Hotaru bathtub is available in Japan and will cost a whopping $15,000. Yikes! For more information, please visit led replacement bulbs


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