jordans 2013 Delfino again hit threepointers

Smith layup, Salmons threes New Jordans, Harden soon to hit the ball. Evans layup, the two sides level. The game entered on all words, both sides for seven consecutive shots hit the rim, the king lead to 12-11.Rocket to strengthen the defense, two and a half minutes the king can not score, even after pause effect until Thompson dunk to break the deadlock, but the Rockets then 5 points to lead 22-14. Evans (2 +1), Jeremy Lin made ​​two free throws. Alcaucin one-stop scored 2 points, but soon after eat a technical foul, Ha Dengjia free throws after the Rockets still lead eight minutes. King scored 5 points, Harden layup, Garcia succeeded in shooting, Harden layup, the Rockets 33-24 lead nine points. Harden 15 points.

The Rockets scored Jordan 5 GS Valentines Day, the lead reached 16 points, and 43-28 entering the nine minutes after the holiday. Rocket into a scoring drought, a full four minutes can not score, the king played a climax of a wave of 11-0, catch up with only four points. Harden in the fast-break layup, the king played a 2 +1, 2 +1, Parsons respond. The rocket force after 48-44 Parsons pointers led the way, followed by Harden foreign investment suddenly scored 5 points Asik two free throws, Harden 2 penalty 1, Delfino again hit three-pointers, the Rockets played the climax of a wave of 14-0, the king is unable to score the last 3 minutes and 18 seconds, the Rockets to a 62-44 lead 18 minutes into the intermission. Harden 23 points and five assists.

Jeremy Lin hit three-pointers Nike GS Hyperdunk Pink, Harden assists Smith empty dunks succeeded, leading the Rockets to 23 points. Alcaucin layup, Jeremy Lin jumper response, the Salmons continuous succeeded in shooting, 21 points behind the Kings 53-74. Jeremy Lin 2 free throws, Harden again pass out Parsons empty then dunk the Rockets 6-0 climax to a 80-53 lead after 27 minutes. King scored 5 points, the Rockets opened the points difference after some relaxation, the king played a small wave height to catch up with the 67-89, rocket shouted pause to adjust. Motiejunas replaced Asik, shortly after his hook shot. Salmons hit the ball jordans 2013, the king catch up 74-92. Final Rockets 94-76 into the distal battle. Harden 29 points.

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