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Eagles Jordan Black Neon Green players headed Smith accidentally injured knee in the second quarter 2 minutes and 52 seconds, and was immediately replaced by his teammates, then the Eagles officially announced that Smith missed the rest of the field game. The final Hawks 96-113 loss to the Raptors. Campaign, the Eagles record was changed to 44 wins and 37 losses record with the Chicago Bulls (44 wins and 37 losses) were flat, but three of the regular season with the Bulls Competition Eagles big score 1-2 behind the Bulls, Hawks disadvantage, the Eagles ranked Bulls go-ahead slipped to sixth in the eastern part of the Bulls moved up to fifth in the East.

After the start of the New Jordans 2013, the Eagles continuous shot three three-pointers, to obtain a 11-10 start, the Lowry a record third upset Eagles offensive rhythm, followed by DeRozan, Guy, who have successful offensive Raptors 30-23 lead, but the Raptors scoreless in the section last 1 minute and a half, the Eagles took the opportunity to launch a counterattack, the end of the first section to chase the score 27-30.

The second section, the Raptors up on instructions from a wave of 11-3 spurt to make the score became 41-30. Harris’ three-pointers to help the Hawks to stabilize the morale of the troops, but can not stop the pace of progress in Toronto, the half of the Festival, the Raptors and a wave of 12-6 offensive, firmly in control of the pace of the field, the first half Raptors 68-51 lead at the end of an eagle. More unfavorable to the Hawks, the team general Smith accidentally injured the knee at the section there are 2 minutes 52 seconds, immediately replaced by his teammates, then the Eagles officially announced that Smith will miss the rest of the field game.

The second half Jordan 5 GS Valentines Day, the situation on the field mutation, the Eagles with a 11-5 offensive, to chase the score 62-73 Nike Air Max 2013. Gay’s alley-oop dunks again inspired the teammates fighting spirit, Raptors chopped 14 points, once again extended the lead to 21 points. Despite the subsequent Eagles performance, but the end of the three games, the Eagles still 75-96 behind.

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