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With huge purchasing power and reach across the globe, internet retailers are now very hard to beat, on range, price and speed of delivery. No, you don’t get to touch before you buy, but you do get to return if not as described and expected. A great customer service department, means you will get attention and action. Rather than dealing with a sleepy, shop assitant! This watch is waterproof to 660 feet. 200 meters. Ideal for divers and swimmers. With this strength you never need to worry about removing it when you go near the water. Fishing, power boating, or working.luoqiyin666

The steel case and strap are designed for rugged use and easy clean. Rinse the grease, or sand off it and its as good as new. A great watch for the man who lives his life in the real world. Sure, wear it in the boardroom. But if you want to get tough and dirty on the job, or in the wild, you know this watch, will not let you down. There are 3 dials on the bezel. One is a Tachymeter, another a compass and the third, a clear statement of the time. Easy to read and leaves the face totally uncluttered. A small window exactly where you expect it to be shows the date. A cool and businesslike presentation, of what you need. The Orient Watch company started in Japan in 1950. It has always had a reputation for fine watch movements. This watch is typical of the quality they build, into each of their models. They have a service facility in Los Angeles, USA, so any warranty claims, can be dealt with in the US. This is an automatic watch, with a mechanical winding mechanism. No battery or solar energy or manual winding is required. The wearers movement causes the balance wheel to rotate thereby “winding” the watch. In these days of plastic and circuit boards, its refreshing to know there are still some fine mechanical watches, still available. Something that will make this watch stand out over time. The bezel and red timing hand ,combine to make this a 24 hour watch. If you are in the armed services, deal with people all over the globe, or at least in different time zones,or indeed if you travel a lot, you will appreciate this smart function. At the price, this is a lot of watch, from a major manufacturer. With over 50 years of service, with a big reputation for quality watches, many collectors add Orient watches to their collection, as its seen as one of the true watch brands. Not just a fashion label, but a brand totally committed, to the production of quality timepieces.For more information, please visit White watch


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