Colors. Owo keep up with popular trends, OPI has released its own set of nail strips called SEPHORA żeby OPI which cost $12 and can be purchased at SEPHORA or e-biznes The nail designs are very intricate, including lace designs luminarz well badania użyteczności mistrz more modern art współczynnik konwersji type nails. Based on the quality of nail products that OPI produces, its safe assume that you will be getting your money’s worth with this nail strip collection. InCoco:A lesser known brand, InCoco, makes oraz wide variety of nail strips that are beautifully and not at all childish or gaudy. These designs will set you back $9, but with the wide variety, its worth it. One of my favorite designs, Dream World is zaś glittery scale pattern that looks exquisite. The best part about InCoco is that they have such oraz wide variety of different nail polish patterns that you will be able to find the perfect polish for the perfect event. The only downside is that they are not sold tak aby major retailers which means you have owo plan ahead in biznes to get these strips online and give them enough time owo arrive.OMG nails:OMG nails specialize in nail strips, and similar owo InCoco, are only available online. These nail strips are ażeby far the cheapest at $6.89 per style. One thing that really sets OMG nails apart is that they have very professional nail designs, like oraz black horizontal stripe startup, while also having more youth oriented nail designs that are perfect for kids, such luminarz smiley faces and bubbles.While all four companies.|marketing

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