Coal mill

Coal mill is the equipment which is used to crush the coal and grind the coal into coal powder. It is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace. The grinding process of the coal is the process that the coal is crushed and its surface area increases gradually. To add the new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between the solid molecules, which requires the consumption of energy. Coal is grinded into the coal powder in the coal grinding mill mainly through three ways: crushing, shredding and trituration. Among these three ways, the way of crushing needs lowest energy consumption, while the way of trituration requires the most energy. The two ways mentioned above are generally used in the various kinds of coal grinding mills. According to the rotation speed of the parts in the coal grinding process, the coal grinding mill can be divided into low-speed coal mill, medium-speed coal mill and high-speed coal mill.


1.It has reasonable structure with perfect workmanship;

2.High efficiency, low energy consumption;

3.The whole rack is easy to install and transport;

4.Reliable and convenient operation.

As one kinds of the coal grinding mill, the airswept ball mill is the main equipment of coal production system in the thermal power plant as well as the major equipment of cement plant for drying and grinding coal dust. This machine belongs to the dry grinding equipment.

The tube mill is one of the four auxiliary equipments of thermal power stations, the main equipment of coal preparation system. It is mainly used for the grinding of coals with  various hardness. In addition, it also applies to the coal and raw ore milling system in the industries of cement, metallurgy and chemical industry and so on. The dedicated tube mill , a new type of equipment, is widely used in thermal power plant.

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