rod mill

The rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, water conservancy, glass,  building materials sector to grind all kinds of ores, rocks and artificial sand. The rod grinding machine can be pided into two kinds: dry and wet. The users can select appropriate type according to their actual situation. As for the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, monazite and other products, the rod grinding mill can be equipped with magnetic separator to conduct iron removal.

The wet type rod mill occupies a great position in the rod grinder and it can rival with dry rod mill, but it also have some differences with overflow rod mill. There are also some steel bars to support in the cylinder, which occupies a great position for its development. In addition, its discharge port is relatively large and the structural design is precise and reasonable. It is mainly used in mining, chemical, construction and other industries.

Through the supporting of the steel bars in the cylinder, driven by the motor, the hobbing of wet type rod mill rotates. And then the grinding media is raised to a certain height by centrifugal force and friction and falls down. Putting the materials to be grinded from the outside into the rod grinding machine and the ore grinding media in the cylinder is discharged with the aid of these forces.


1. Saving power and energy-saving. Compared with the old type of equipment, it can save more than 40% of the power.

2. Uniform granularity and high output. The usage of advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology and suitable grinding body based on the grinding material makes higher efficienccy.

3. Large impact force and grinding capacity.

4. The fineness of the materials is adjustable. The simple adjustment can change the granularity of the materials: the built-fineness controlls the device and the screening device for the discharging, which make sure that the over-grinded or unqualified products will not mix the finished products.

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